Who we are

Conservation Genomics Research Group


Jolene Sutton, PhD

Assistant Professor


Renée Bellinger, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Martin Helmkampf, PhD

NSF Postdoctoral Researcher


Jonathan Koch, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor & Smith Conservation Research Fellow

Erin Datlof, MSc

Molecular Lab Technician

Geneviève Blanchet, MSc

Research Assistant

Stefanie Grosser, PhD

Marsden Postdoctoral Researcher

Dominique Zarders

MSc Candidate

Graduate Committee: 

Jesse Eiben, Jolene Sutton, Tracy Johnson

Hilary Street-Scott

MSc Candidate


Graduate Committee: Adam Pack, Jolene Sutton, Renee Bellinger

Jared Nishimoto, MSc

Research Assistant

Jeremy Schrader

MSc Candidate

Graduate Committee: 

Jolene Sutton

Lukas Kambic, BA

Mosquito Lab Technician

Jesse Leavitt

Undergraduate Lab Assistant

Erin Berg

Undergraduate Lab Assistant

Caedan Cambra

Undergraduate Lab Assistant

Paul Duya

Undergraduate Lab Assistant

Team CGRG Past & Present

Team CGRG past and present:

Top row, left to right: Renee Bellinger; Dominique Zarders; Justin Cueva; Kaydee Rapozo; Jonathan Koch; Jolene Sutton

2nd row, left to right: Elizabeth Lough; Gary Sur; Grace Tredinnick; Jared Nishimoto; Leah Moore; Amirah Waite

3rd row, left to right: Paul Duya; Jesse Leavitt; Erin Datlof; Lucille Walsh; Jeremy Schrader; Rachel Gorenflo

Bottom row, left to right: Geneivève Blanchet; Hallie Whitmore; Claire Dobry; Lucas Kambic; Amberly Buer; Hilary Street-Scott; Martin Helmkampf

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