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Lab highlights over the past several months

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

· April 2018: Lab members Dominque Zarders, Geneviéve Blanchet, Jared Nishimoto, Jesse Leavitt, and Jeremy Schrader present their work at the annual Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Student Symposium.

· April 2018: Jared Nishimoto ties for best 5-minute presentation at the annual Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science Student Symposium. Congratulations Jared!

· February 2018: Geneviéve Blanchet receives a travel award from the British Ornithologist’s Union to attend the International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver in August. Congratulations, Geneviève!

· January 2018: The Conservation Genomics Research Group moves into the newly renovated Molecular Genomics Lab at UH Hilo.

· January 2018: Dr. Jonathan Koch joined the lab after being awarded a very prestigious Smith Conservation Fellowship. Congratulations, Jon!

· November 2017: Jolene Sutton discussed mosquito control at the Honolulu Science Café. Jolene Sutton discussed UH Hilo conservation research opportunities at the Hilo Science Café.

· September 2017: Undergraduate student, Grace Tredinnick joined the lab to do a directed studies project on mosquitoes for the semester.

· August 2017: Erin Datlof publishes in PeerJ on work from her master's thesis on fungal diversity in plant DNA databanks.

· August 2017: The lab welcomed two new Master’s students to the lab, Jared Nishimoto, and Jeremy Schrader. Jared comes from O‘ahu, and his research is about mosquito gene drive systems. Jeremy comes from California, and his research is about ‘Alalā conservation.

· June 2017: The lab welcomed PIPES-REU Intern Claire Dobry to the lab. Claire came from Northern Michigan University to work on a mosquito larvicide project for the summer.

· June 2017: The lab welcomed NSF-CREST Molecular Lab Technician, Erin Datlof, to the team. Erin recently completed her MSc at UH Mānoa, where she studied plant fungal endophytes in the lab of Nicole Hynson

· May 2017: Lab members Justin Cueva and Rachel Gorenflo graduated with Bachelor degrees from UH Hilo. Congratulations Justin and Rachel!!

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